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fic: this is the one cold truth we've always known

Title: this is the one cold truth we've always known
Pairings: Sweet Pea/Babydoll, Blondie/Amber
Rating: PG
Words: 18,607
Notes: AU. Based off the movie But, I'm a Cheerleader!
Summary: It was almost funny, in a weird, not-actually-funny kind of way.

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Sanctuary - gears

Vid: "Otherside" (Eames/Babydoll, Inception/Sucker Punch)

As multiple dream layers bleed into alternate realities, Eames and Babydoll search to find each other once again.
Song: "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fandoms: Inception, Sucker Punch
Spoilers: For both movies.
Length/size: 2:10 (15.2 MB WMV)

V/N: Appropriately enough, all considering, one night I dreamt I was making this vid and thought it was worth a try to actually do it. ;)

If you watch, I hope you enjoy! :D

Links available at my creative comm ♥!

liars ► always my favorite.

Some more from Emily on Sucker Punch.

I have to speak about the two films separately here. Sucker Punch… It’s hard for me to be objective about that film, because I had the best time working on it. I love every single person I worked with; I love Zack [Snyder, the director]. And I loved the script — how it was originally. But I think that message did get muddled a bit in terms of studio rewrites and having to go from an R to a PG-13. I can definitely see people’s complaints about that being a little bit sexist. As I said, it’s so hard to be objective, because I genuinely love that film, Sucker Punch, and being such a part of it. But I do get that.


So there you go; Emily still loves SP and her girls and Zach.

Another interview with Emily on 'Sucker Punch' and 'Sleeping Beauty'

"I had an amazing time making that film, and I love Zack [Snyder] and I love those girls, and I think that, unfortunately, my intention for that film got muddled up in the way that... you know, because being a feminist, I can definitely see how if I wasn't connected to that film, I would have problems with it. But it's hard to be objective with it when it's something that you love and are a part of. [Zack's] message got mixed up with the studio's. We had to rewrite so many things, and the way it ended up being edited. It's tough for me, as I understand why it didn't quite work, in terms of the message I was hoping would come across. Sleeping Beauty was almost like a follow-on from that idea... Sucker Punch got me thinking of gender politics and female sexuality, and women being objectified, and Sleeping Beauty was just a deeper investigation of that for me. I can see the comments of sexism thrown at Sucker Punch, they make sense. Some people have said to me Sleeping Beauty is really sexist, and I really disagree. First of all, there's obviously different schools of feminism, and I'm pro-sex, and I think sex work can be really wonderful as long as the conditions are good, and pornography is great, as long as the conditions are good. Which I know is rare, but if we can build up this awareness. It's not a moral film, but if consenting adults watch the film, hopefully it will make them think about something they wouldn't normally think about."


This is another interview that gives more insight to Emily's previous interview regarding her honest opinions about the reception of Sucker Punch. She makes great points on it, based on how much the studios/MPAA intervened and changed the overall story that she thought it would convey on the screen for the audience, and comparing it to Sleeping Beauty, a darker, more mature and disturbing film with its subject matter and unafraid of going all the way, it really puts things into perspective about how studios getting in the way can really mess things up.

Emily on the outcome of 'Sucker Punch'

"To be honest, Sucker Punch didn’t quite work out exactly the way we wanted it to, because the studios were really intervening. What we were aiming to make was a cool, campy but inspiring, empowering film for girls but I think a little bit of that got lost with all the hands that were in the pot; trying to make sure it appealed to all different audiences."