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sentimental girl is my nom de plume

Some more from Emily on Sucker Punch.

I have to speak about the two films separately here. Sucker Punch… It’s hard for me to be objective about that film, because I had the best time working on it. I love every single person I worked with; I love Zack [Snyder, the director]. And I loved the script — how it was originally. But I think that message did get muddled a bit in terms of studio rewrites and having to go from an R to a PG-13. I can definitely see people’s complaints about that being a little bit sexist. As I said, it’s so hard to be objective, because I genuinely love that film, Sucker Punch, and being such a part of it. But I do get that.


So there you go; Emily still loves SP and her girls and Zach.
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